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Amongst the Touareg, Non-Fiction, 2009


2nd Edition, 261 Pages, Black and White, Non-Fiction, by Jeremy Curl, 2009/2011

This is Curl's account of living with the Touareg nomads of the Sahara desert and becoming the youngest non-African to cross the desert on foot.

In 2008, Jeremy Curl set out to cross the Sahara travelling as one of the Touareg nomads who live there, experiencing their threatened lifestyle at first hand and becoming the first Westerner in living memory to cross the Tanezrouft, the desolate 'desert within the desert' that covers an area the size of Germany. The Touareg call this most inhospitable part of the Sahara the ‘Land of Terror’.

This is his story of riding over 1500 miles by camel across the largest hot desert on Earth, having to dodge bandits and tribal raiding parties, suffering intolerable thirst and hunger and guiding his caravan through the civil war in Mali.

Setting out from eastern Algeria, his goal was to reach Timbuktu, the fabled city once known to be at the 'end of the world' and to understand the Touareg tribes of the deep desert: a people who have yet to be affected by the modern world. Accompanying various tribes along his journey, 'Amongst the Touareg' offers a unique view into a disappearing way of life that few have had the privilege to experience for themselves.

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